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NW Professional Hardwood LLC provides hardwood floor installation, refinishing and repair services for new construction and remodeling projects in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon. We are licensed, bonded and insured in the State of Oregon and Washington. We specialize in hardwood floors with any type of finish :
-Water Base
-Oil Base
-Swedish Finish

Selecting the correct floor finish for you is done during the interview and estimation process. Different finishes will create different color tones on the same wood species. The basis of finish is the way it is moved as a liquid on to the wood floor and forms a solid film coating to protect the wood fibers from you. These basics are oil, water, and solvent finishes. Some finishes use drying agents and some do not. Oil finishes are standard polyurethanes and they are typically softer finishes with amber tones, slow dry times. Water based finishes are lighter/ softer wood tones, highly durable and less odor issues. Solvent based products are the traditional Swedish finishes, is a common phrase for this product. These products have great resiliency, rich wood color tones, and heavy odor issues. Most odors is tolerable in a couple days after final coats.

We work with certain manufactures in each of the types of wood floor finishes described to meet your needs and desires. All different finished gloss levels are available. The lower the sheen the less the ware will show.

With our top quality line of sanding equipment, we guarantee that your floor will be professionally sanded and refinished.

We are committed to offering the most dependable and highest quality value to home owners, contractors, and landlords, both residential and commercial.We take great care of your home and do a great job, We are dedicated to providing the most beautiful flooring and best customer service available anywhere.

Your satisfaction is essential to us.

Licenses / Credentials:

• Speciality Contractor in OR ccb # 193569
• Speciality Contractor in WA #NWPROPH894D3



HARDWOOD FLOOR REFINISHING - starting $3.00/sqft (depends on type finish and type of wood)

**Square foot pricing contingent upon 400 square foot minimum.

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Sanded, stained, and added a Swedish finish to hardwood floor.

"Everything went very well. Stefan was very nice and easy to talk to from start to finish. I had removed my carpet to find damaged hardwood floor underneath (scratches, ton of staples, and urine stains from pets). Stefan came over and did a quick assessment of the work needed to be done. He suggested I stain the floor with a darker stain to help blend/hide the urine stains which weren't going to come off. He gave me the estimate right on the spot, and later decided to hire him for the job as his pricing was very reasonable.

Stefan and his team showed up on time and completed the job within the time frame I needed.
The floors turned out awesome! I was very happy with the end result."

- Edwin V., Portland, OR

Refinished all original wood flooring in 3br house (except kitchen & bath).

"Courteous, professional and thorough. especially attentive to questions; patient to ensure all parties were on the same page in the same book when answers provided. thorough cleanup after."

- Stev D., Vancouver, WA

Cleaned, sanded and refinished oak floors in small home.

"I saw some work on hardwood floors being done at a neighbor's house and asked them who did the work and if they were happy with the result. They were very pleased, and recommended NW Professional Hardwood. When I needed floors refinished at a home I just bought, I called the company and soon received a return call from Stefan. He came out the next day to give me a bid, and I felt the price quoted was very fair. He was able to start within a few days so we agreed he would take the job. We didn't sign a contact and he didn't ask for any money up front. He said the job would take 2 to 3 days.

The floors had been covered by carpet and I had pulled that up, along with the padding. About half of the 800 sq. ft. had been covered with some kind of glue, so there was probably another kind of floor covering before the carpet was laid. Another section of the floor was still covered by some cheap vinyl. Stefan said the vinyl and the glue residue would be difficult to remove, and it would use up a lot of sanding disks, but he said he could do it.

He explained the different types of stains and finishes, pros and cons of each. We agreed on a Swedish finish. I am familiar with it from another home where I had floors refinished, and I know it looks really good and lasts forever. The only downside of that product is it a very strong odor that lasts for at least a week. Because I wasn't living in the house yet, that wouldn't be a problem. For the first few days, the odor is strong enough to make your eyes water and your throat burn, but once it dissipates, it's completely gone. I opened windows and ran some fans to speed it up a bit. I preferred the natural oak color so he didn't apply a stain.

Stefan and his helper showed up at the appointed day and hour, worked hard for 3 days, and the floor looked fantastic. I wasn't able to be there when he finished up, but he said it would be fine to mail him a check after I had a chance to look at the job and make sure I was satisfied, which I was.
I am very pleased with the work done and the price. Stefan always responded promptly to my calls, and called me right away when he had a question about

Services Offered:

  • Refinishing & Sanding Hardwood
  • Installing All Types Of Prefinished Or Unfinished Hardwood
  • Staining
  • Repairs
  • Stairs


Local: 503-946-3537

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"We want to tell you how much we appreciate your refurbish work at Jansen Way. Senior Estates in Woodburn started in 1965. This house was built in 1969. The house is built on a golf course fairway. At the time of construction, they used ¾ inch-thick short number one oak planks with lots of knots. We don’t think it was fashionable, but more of an economic decision for that time period. You were able to re-finish our floor to such a seamless state of perfection that it looks like the knots were custom-ordered. Best wishes, and thank you for your help. "

L. Russell - Woodburn, OR

"Stefan and his worker did an excellent work installing and sanding the hardwood in our house. The floor looks beautiful. He arrived on time, cleaned up everything meticulously even gave us earmuffs when the machinery was loud. We got three bids and his was the lowest price. We recommend him highly."

Nancy H. - Milwaukie,OR

"Description Of Work: They laced in new hardwood floors in three rooms and refinished the rest of the floors in the house. Their work is also 99% dust free. They did excellent work! They showed up when they were supposed to and were great with working/scheduling with other contractors. I got four bids for the work and they were the lowest price. They gave me a few referrals and I went to see their work. I liked what I saw and used them. The bids I got were from $4750 to $9000."

Jeff M. - Portland, OR